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3 day Phuket itinerary

View from the Promthepe cape.

View from the Promthepe cape.

Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea has some of the most famous beaches and places to explore. The place offers something for the interest of all individuals from beautiful beaches to happening night clubs to gourmet food collection. There is a lot to explore and lot of islands near Phuket to explore. However here I write about our 3 day Phuket itinerary. Come and visit Phuket with me. Let’s trot the island.

All set for our flight to Phuket.

3 day Phuket itinerary-

It goes without saying that you can shuffle the things you are doing on different days but if you are in Phuket, these are a few things you would really want to do. We took a direct flight from Singapore to Phuket and were travelling with Parents, so we explore Phuket in two parts- one by the day and one by the night. We had a wonderful time and hopefully we inspire you to visit Phuket soon.

Where to stay in Phuket

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Where to stay in Phuket depends on what activities you would love to do while in Phuket. If you are going for a long trip maybe you would like to stay in two different places. There is a wide range of accommodation available ranging from budget accommodation to luxury beach side resorts. We were look for a medium budget accommodation to stay in Phuket. Since we wanted to be amidst the excitement and night life, we stayed near the Bangla street and Patong Beach. We stayed in a hotel called U Sabai Living hotel which was a very decent place to stay. The place was very conveniently located and had some amazing restaurants close by. The Bangla Street was just a 2 min walk away.

Our budget and beautiful accomodation.

However some other recommendation which I have received from my friends over time is as below-

Sawasdee Village resort and spa – The hotel is a luxurious hotel which shows style and grandeur. The golden tone in the rooms with private pools and great attention to every detail makes it a nice inviting place to stay. However it is quite expensive to stay and if you are planning to do a lot of activities outside the hotel, you might want to skip it. But if your aim is to stay and enjoy the resort facilities and relax then it is definitely a perfect place to stay.

3 day Phuket itinerary- Day one

Phuket Fantasea

On day one of our trip we had booked a Phuket fantasia show which is a Thai cultural show which shows the life and culture of Thai people with great effects, live pyrotechnics, fireworks and amazing performance. The Phuket Fantasea Park is a 60 acre night time theme park which has a lot of activities going on. They have wonderful local foods available and are a great place to spend an evening. The park and the theatre is a place to see and are beautifully built. The dinner buffet is the largest in Asia and has a lot of different cuisines and a 400 guest seating capacity. They have floating markets as well. This wonderful activity is a must for your 3 day Phuket Itinerary.

The stage where the wonderful Phuket fantasea takes place.

You can book tickets through their official website for Show with Buffet Dinner cost THB 2,200 per adult, and THB 2,000 per child. Tickets for Show only costs THB 1,800 per adult and THB 1,800 per child. You can arrange for two-way transportation when you book online.  The buses will pick you up from hotels around Phuket. We had booked with transportation and just the show performance.  There are two shows per night.  One is at 7.30pm and the other is at 9pm. We had booked the 9:00 PM show as we wanted to explore the park and enjoy some dinner there. 

The beautiful stage of the performance

The golden dragons.

3 day Phuket itinerary- Day two

The second day for us was in our Phuket itinerary was to explore islands near Phuket. We had booked a full day four island hopping tour, and we had got it pretty cheap as it was low season for tourist, so one tip is to always bargain the price.

However just to mention there are a few island hopping tours you can choose from or if you are spending longer time in Phuket then maybe two.

  1. There is Krabi four island tours which you can always go to. They take you to some wonderful island and caves which are worth exploring. But if you are in Krabi or plan to visit that would be easier and more fun to do from there. You can read more about our trip to Krabi here: – What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Krabi Itinerary.
  2. Rach Island and Coral island tour- These tours take you to quiet islands around Phuket, you have a lot of water activities you can choose from and enjoy lunch at the Catamaran which takes you around. It is fun and a little different experience.
  3. There is the four island tour which we did and I am going to write more about that. But it takes you to Phi Phi Island, Khai Island and James Bond Island and the speed boat is super fun.
  4. There is just a Phi Phi island tour as well, if you want to explore phi phi for a longer time and I am sure it would be completely worth it.

 Islands near Phuket are amazing and have a great vibe to them, White sands and the turquoise water make the sunny islands so inviting. The island tour which we did took us to the below locations-

On our way on the four island tour!!

The wonderful Andaman sea with the Phuket city,

The bat cave visit on our 3 day Phuket trip.

The Best bit of this island hopping tour is to sit outside on the speedboat and this is highly recommended, the strong wind on your face and water splashing was a meditative experience. It was a boat ride we will not forget.

3 day Phuket itinerary- Night two

The night clubs in Bangla Street and the street itself is something you would really want to explore. It is beyond imagination, the kind of shows and stuff which is allowed. It is literally packed with a large amount of bars, go-go bars, and girly bars, expat bars, where drinks, women and music are the standard. Bangla Road is quite simply the sex capital of Phuket.  We did loiter around the street and took in the colour the music and the openness with which people were enjoying the night scenes. 

The happening bangla street of phuket

There are a few nice bars where if you are interested along with all different activities which you can think of. The drinks in Bangla Road are very reasonably priced in most cases. For a beer you would be looking about 60 – 80 baht. That is just over a $2. Cocktails and whisky can be around 150-180 baht ($5ish).Bangla Road has some great games based and set upon the street. Challenge yourself with hanging on the bar for more than 2 minutes, and you win a whole bottle of whisky. Can you do this for 3 minutes? Then you get two bottles of whisky. Games are great and fun to play with friends challenging each other, when sober or intoxicated. They are fairly cheap too, costing around 50-100 baht ($2 -$4).The street shows are also a great site, with some fantastic performers performing all sorts from fire-spitting, to magic tricks. Street performers usually show up when the road is starting to get busy.

There are some nice live music bars as well.  The most well known live music venue in Bangla Road would be New York Live Music Bar. New York Live Music Bar is renowned for the quality of the bands playing here. This is also one of the only places that are actually free of bar girl. Another good place to visit is the Ice Bar, which is located at the beginning of the southern end of Bangla Road. It is small inside, and very cold. Jackets are provided. But being in the tropical climate of Phuket, it is sometimes nice to head into a very cold place, even if it’s just for one drink. You come out feeling very refreshed

Bangla Road is also home to some of the best nightclubs in Phuket, like the ones called Illuzion and Seduction. It doesn’t matter what time you are heading out to Bangla Road, the Street would be packed. These nightclubs are awesome, with some very loud music and great lighting systems.
Illuzion, for example, becomes extremely busy at certain times of the night, and it can be hard to get a drink.

3 day Phuket itinerary- Day three

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

This is one place which I would suggest strongly not to go. Please do not include this in your Phuket Itinerary. The place has Tigers (Small, Medium and Large) enclosed within a space with electric barbed wires.  They are sedated and trained, so that the tourists can click pictures with them. It sounds fun but believe me it isn’t. The tigers look lifeless and are in a very poor state. We as responsible tourist should not encourage such places and should help preserve animals in their natural habitat. 

Big Buddha on Day 3 of your Phuket Itinerary.

Phuket’s Big Buddha is one of the most important and revered landmarks on the island. The huge image sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, at 45 metres tall, can be seen from as far away as Phuket Town and Karon Beach. The lofty site offers the best 360-degree views of the island, with sweeping vistas of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more. Relatively easily reachable via a winding 6-km road leading from Phuket’s main artery route, it is a must-visit island destination. Close up to the Phuket Big Buddha itself, the atmosphere is very peaceful, the only sounds to hear being the tinkling of small bells and the fluttering of yellow Buddhist flags in the compound, with soft background dharma music.

The temple visit in Phuket.

The internal and external contrast.

Next to the main Phuket Big Buddha is a smaller Buddha statue, which is gold in colour, though actually made of brass. There are also several much smaller statues of Buddha and of revered monks.

One should dress appropriately for this place and show respect to the local culture and enjoy the calmness and peace this place brings. 

In the last night in Phuket you can see the Simon Cabaret Lady boy show. For over two decades the now very famous Simon Cabaret show has wowed tourists to Phuket with the most beautiful of lady boys performing night after night. For one hour you will be treated to spectacular cabaret by the various performers including a big fat transvestite who always wipes her sweaty boobs on an unsuspecting gentleman sitting in the front row. The amphitheatre is very comfortable with large comfy seats. 

The beautiful view from Promthepe Cape

The three handsome men in the family,at the beautiful Promthepe Cape.

The entire gang at the beautiful view point.

Here is an alternative to the Day 3 of your 3 day Phuket itinerary. You can visit the view point called Promthepe Cape. Some day that it is the most photographed spot in Phuket and believes me it is a place worth visiting. The view from there is breathtaking. The view from Promthepe cape is of an eternity pool from which you can mentally project the far-flung shores of Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent.  In the afternoon you can go and visit the Paradise Beach. The beach is beautiful and it seems like untouched beauty with their white sand and crystal clear water. It is just 8 mins away from the Patong beach and there are free shuttles which can take you there for a relaxing afternoon.  There are a lot of water activities available as well and you can enjoy those at a price. The Paradise beach has an entry fee of around 200 Bhat but it is worth a visit. 

Please drop your request for itinerary plans or questions to and come lets trot the world with me!

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