What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Krabi Itinerary.

The waters of Krabi.

What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Krabi in Thailand is a pristine beach location.It has beautiful beaches, nightclubs and lots of island tours to explore. One of the advantages of travelling to Thailand is you can have an unplanned trip as most of the countries get ‘visa on arrival’. Here I provide you with Krabi itinerary from our 3 day trip.


The Beautiful Ao Nang Beach


Different Shaded of Ao Nag beach

Where to stay in Krabi?

Vish and I flew from Singapore for a 3 day trip to Krabi. The flights were super cheap and the place was beautiful. The best location to stay in Krabi  in my experience is near Ao Nang beach. The beach is very close by, there are a lot of night clubs to enjoy at night and a variety of food options. The hotel we stayed in was a medium luxurious hotel with old style architecture in the Ao Nang area. The name of the hotel was Vogue Resorts and Spa.The price of the hotel was around 1200 Thai Baht per day.You can book your hotels for your upcoming trip here  Booking.com

What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Day one.

Long Tail Boat

Long Tail Boar parked at Railay Beach

The Long Tail Boat

The first suggestion for your Krabi itinerary is to take the long tail boat experience. If you like the sea, and the waves and water splashing on your face, you must ride the long tail boat. The best and easiest one is to take one from Ao Nang beach to Railay beach. It takes around 20 minutes to travel and it cost around 80 Baht for two-way travel. You get around two hours time to enjoy in the Railay beach. The counters close by 6:00 PM so you need to ensure you reach before that. There are night travels as well, but they are double the price and may be cancelled because of high tide. The experience is amazing and unique. One tip though, don’t sit near the motor and sit towards the other end. This side you can have water splashing on you, and wind on your face and you will experience the beauty of water and the limestone rocks all the more.

On day one of our trip we took the boat and went to Railay beach where we had plans to stay. Railay beach is a little secluded and has limited number of tourists. We loved our stay in Railay beach on day ones of our trip. 

What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Day two.

Railay Beach

The other must do thing in your Krabi itinerary is to visit the Railay beach or spend a night here. We spent our first night here and it was a perfect experience. Railay beach is on a very small island and has a lot of caves to explore, limestone rocks to admire, water activities to be done and seclusion to enjoy.  It was difficult to not swim and take a bath in the beach as the water was very clear and inviting. On one side you could see the huge limestone formation and on the other there was a very big cave, and a bunch of long tail boats parked. This was a perfect shot moment. After swimming we decided to kayak for the first time in our lives.It was an ordeal for us, the water was unrest and are kayak toppled a few times. It is not so easy to balance if you are not  a pro at it. And if you topple a little away from the beach to get up again on the kayak seemed very difficult for us.Overall we had a wonderful time and would love to visit there soon again. 

Boogie Bar:

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In the evening of Day two of our Krabi itinerary , we came back to Ao Nang beach and enjoyed the night life here. Boogie bar is near the Ao nang beach and the bar plays dynamic live music, mainly Western classics. They have their own band which plays every night and it get magical. The set up is beautiful, on one side of the road you sit facing the band which plays in the bar on the other side of the road. People get up and dance around on the roads and it is open till late night. The only thing to note is that the place does not serve food, however they have a good collection of beers both imported and local ones. Our resort was very close to the place and it was a magical night. We explored the areas around for a lot of clubs but this one was the best because of the live music.Vish requested a few songs and it added to the fun.

What to do in Krabi for 3 days? Day three.

Island Hopping:

Speed Boat approaching island.

Speed Boat approaching island.

Island hopping is a must to do in your Krabi itinerary. We had booked the tour from one of the local travel agents who have shops all over the island. We definitely did a bit of bargaining. We paid around 450 baht for each person.  It is full day tour, with pick up in the morning from your hotel at around 8AM. You have options of choosing a long tail boat or speed boat. We had chosen speed boat. We really enjoyed the whole day exploring the turquoise waters.chicken islandChicken Island

  • The first island they take you on this day tour of island hopping is  the Koh Gai, aka the Chicken Island, because of the weird mountain shape. We stopped here for around an hour and swam in the beautiful waters, and explored a little bit of the island.img_7563
  • The second island they take you on this day tour of island hopping is Koh Poda, where we snorkel and saw beautiful marine life.



Enjoying the waters.

  • The third island they take you on this day tour of island hopping are the Koh Mor and Koh Tu and since it was low tide we could walk walk the narrow strap of sands connecting the tiny islands.  We was given lunch which was quite decent and simple and really enjoyed as were hungry. One girl of our group fell sea-sick and we were glad to know the guide had medicines and people took really good care of her.
  • The last island they take you on this day tour of island hopping isPhra Nang Cave beach, Railay. This was a beautiful place and we spent a lot of time here. We explored the caves, it was slippery and quite an adventure to walk, however in one of the smaller caves we hears a noise like that of a Rattle snake, and the whole place was vibrating with the hissing sound. We were super scared but it was adventurous as well. Around 4 we reached back to our hotel. For the first timers in Krabi I would definitely recommend to add this to your Krabi itinerary. 

Roadside Pancakes:

Yummiest Pan Cakes.

Yummiest Pan Cakes.

One the evening of  the third day of our Krabi itinerary we enjoyed the road side pancakes. Oh these are the yummiest! One of the best road side foods I have ever had. These pancakes are  pan/wok fried with bananas or other sweet filling added in the centre, then folded into a square and fried till crispy on both sides. They use condensed milk I think, and there are so many options available. I love the cheese and the banana nutella option the best. You can get a similar salty version as well. A must try for every person who visits Thailand.

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