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Unique Camping in Singapore- Go Glamping Singapore

Luxury Unique Camping in Singapore.

Luxury Unique Camping in Singapore.

Camping in Singapore- Go Glamping is the way!!

You want to plan a special romantic getaway in Singapore over the weekend, or you want to surprise someone for their birthday or anniversary, or you love outdoor activities in Singapore, then the ideal choice for you is to go Glamping or luxury camping near the sea. Even if you are a tourist and you are looking for unique things to do in Singapore then I think you would enjoy this camping experience a lot.

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However when I booked the Glamping/ Camping activity to surprise my husband for his pre birthday celebration, I myself was taken by surprise. We had a wonderful one night stay in the camp and enjoyed the evening as well sunrise next morning. The arrangements made were perfect and the location of the camp ideal for the best view of the sea and to enjoy a lovel sea breeze.

What is go glamping in Singapore?

Glamping is glamorous camping or luxury camping services available in Singapore. If you are like me, you do enjoy going camping , but sometimes you do not want to go to the hassle of renting a tent and then pitching it , after obviously finding a good location and obtaining your permits. Go Glamping services introduced in Singapore and many more countries in South-East Asia, takes care of all these hassles for you. It does provide comfort for you but also a special romantic ambience for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Camping location in East Coast park, Singapore

How many people can go glamping in Singapore?

The glamping services provide tents for couples to upto 8 people. They even arrange special dinner arrangements for you on request. So if your a bunch of friends or family looking for a relaxing outdorr activity in Singapore then you definitely need to go book one soon.

How much does glamping in Singapore cost?

For a couple one night stay in a tent near the sea in East Coast park, and facilities from 2:00PM to 10:00 AM next day the cost is SGD165. This includes a beautiful decorated tent with fans and fairy lights. Sitting arrangement, air bed for sleeping , some drinks and water in an ice box, beach towels and chairs. The public  washrooms are very close to the camping location.

The inside of the Tent(Go Glamping Singapore)

The wonderful seating arramgement for a wonderful meal.

My experience camping in Singapore !

I had booked a couples tent with go glamping for my husband pre birthday celebrations. It was on a sunday because they were fully booked prior to it, so a tip is to please plan early and book early. My husband loves outdoor activities and whenever we have been to East Coast Park, sitting beside the sea enjoying the breeze, we had have has a good time.

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Playing Ukulele and having a relaxed evening (Glamping In Singapore)

We reached to the camping site, which was informed to us on that day earlier via a whatsapp, and loved what we saw. Our permit was attached to the  outside of the tent and the tent was beautifully decorated. It was 5M in size and had different types of lights which  looked beautiful. There is also a lock to the tent so we need’nt worry about our things etc.

We went swimming in the waters which was a perfect temperature. The swimming location was 3-4 mins away from the camping location. There were shower and changing rooms available and we freshened up after a quick swim. Most of the evening post that was spent sitting on the super comfortable beach chairs, listening to old songs, playing guitar and de stressing in the wonderful cool sea breeze. The sun set looked amazing and it was not hot atall.

Wonderful sea breeze and view to enjoy glamping in Singapor.

The best thing about going glamping is , you spend so much time outside, and without much activities to do that you talk, and you talk to your heart’s content. That’s what we did, we have a heartfelt conversations, discussing about various things of our lives and it was simply lovely.

There are a lot dining options available, however they were around 1.5 KM away from the camping location. We loved the walk and we enjoyed observing the different people have a stroll or a fun time in the East Coast park. The place was filled with happy people, some exercising, some roller skating, some walking with their children and somechildren learning to ride a bicycle. While coming back after dinner, we rented the motobikes and then cycled around the East Coast Park for 30 minutes.

We wanted to enjoy more of the sea breeze for some more time before heading off to sleep in the tent. We enjoyed the night view of the sea and the sky and felt so relaxed. There were flights continuously taking off and landing and it was fun to watch. Around 11:00 PM we went to sleep in the tent. It was cool and airy, thanks to the fans. It also had charging points available. The bed was comfy and slept like a log. However I heard my husband was a little uncomfortable on the air bed.

We saw the sunrise at around 6:54 PM, packed our over-night bags and left for our home around 8 as we had office that day.

If you are looking for a unique activity in singapore which is overnight and you enjoy camping then I would suggest go glamping in Singapore. You can book through their facebook page or through their website.This is my personal experience and not a sponsored post.

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