Best View of Singapore at Marina Barrage Singapore!

A happy moment captured at Marina Barrage.

For my two years in Singapore I went to many high-rise rooftop bars to explore  a lot of places to get the best view of Singapore. However in all the views some of the iconic structure would be missing, either Supertrees, or the flyer or the marina bay sands itself. Marina Barrage Singapore is a place which provides the best view of Singapore. Marina Barrage  is a complete package as it provides activities, picnic spot and the best view of Singapore.

Marina Barrage Singapore pic 4

Best of Singapore to enjoy.

A little about Marina Barrage Singapore

Marina Barrage is the fifteenth reservoir opened in 2008 for water storage, flood control and recreation. It is a dam built at the confluence of five rivers( Geylang River, Rochor River, Stamford Canal, Kallang River and the Singapore River). It is across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South.Marina Barrage is the vision of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew (the first Prime Minister of Singapore). Desalting happens through natural replacement by rainwater to get a freshwater reservoir. It supplies 10% of the water needs to Singapore.

Singapore Marina BArrage pic 9

The amazing views from the Barrage

How to reach Marina Barrage Singapore

The easier options of taking a Grab or local  taxi or driving to Marina Barrage is always there, however the closest mrt which can be taken up to is Marina Bay mrt. A 5-7 mins walk from the EXIT B of the Marina Bay mrt lead to the bust stop B02 Marina street from where free shuttle bus is available to the Barrage. The schedule is as below. You could also take the bus 400 to reach Marina Barrage.

Friends at Marina Barrage.

Friends at Marina Barrage.

Weekend (&Public Holidays) Schedule.

From Marina Bay MRT to Marina Barrage Singapore

0800 0820 0840 0900 0911 0930 0946 1000
1021 1030 1048 11000 1114 1130 1151 1210
1228 1245 1305 1320 1342 1400 1419 1440
1456 1515 1533 1550 1610 1630 1647 1705
1724 1745 1801 1815 1828 1840 1855 1915
1931 1945 2005 2020 2040 2050 2215 2150
2255 2302 2330

From Marina Barrage Singapore to Marina Bay MRT

0805 0825 0840 0905 0915 0935 0950 1005
1025 1035 1053 1105 1119 1135 1156 1215
1233 1250 1310 1325 1347 1405 1424 1445
1501 1520 1538 1555 1615 1635 1652 1710
1729 1750 1806 1820 1833 1845 1900 1920
1936 1950 2010 2025 2045 2055 2120 2155
2230 2307 2344

Activities at Marina Barrage Singapore

Proposal at Marina Barrage.

Proposal at Marina Barrage.

Kite flying and family picnics have become very prominent on the green roof at Marina Barrage. The place is ideal spot for the same as well. You can buy kites at the stores at the entry of Marina Barrage. The colorful big kites look beautiful as they mark the skies of Singapore. As the water in the reservoir remains calm all year around, it’s ideal for some wet fun like kayaking or a dragon boat race.

People enjoying picnic at Marina Barrage.

People enjoying picnic at Marina Barrage.

Marina Barrage Singapore pic 3

Dance practise at Marina Barrage

How Marina Barrage helps in alleviating flood. 

The Marina Barrage also plays an important part in helping to alleviate flooding in some of the lower lying areas. Chinatown, Boat Quay, Jalan Besar and Geylang are some of these. During periods of heavy rain, a series of nine crest gates will be opened to release excess storm water into the sea when the tide is low. When the tide is high, seven giant pumps that are capable of pumping an Olympic-sized swimming pool per minute whirr into action, draining water into the sea.

Greener Singapore for greener Marina Barrage. 

The facility is also a showcase for Singapore’s push to be a greener country. The Solar Park,  features one of the largest collections of solar panels in Singapore. It has over 400 panels providing electricity needed for lighting at the barrage during the day. The Sustainable Singapore gallery illustrates the water and environmental issues through interactive exhibits and games.

Every water droplet counts.

Every water droplet counts.

Night view at Marina Barrage Singapore

I recommend again that the best view of Singapore can be seen from Marina Barrage. The view both at day and night is great. The bright lights of the Central Business district along with the flyer is reflected in the lakes at sunset. It is an enthralling experience. Also many time there are fireworks in the central are which can be viewed from here.

Singapore Marina Barrage pic 8

Do not mis this view and feel

Marina Barrage has completed ten years in 2018. It is a great achievement for Singapore. The expats, locals and tourist really enjoy family time along with fun recreational activities.

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