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How to get to Henderson Waves, Singapore?

Us and the waves at Henderson

Us and the waves at Henderson

Henderson waves  is a wave-shaped 274m pedestrian bridge connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park  in Singapore. A beautiful top view from the bridge and an amazing photo location for tourists coming to Singapore. The entry is free and you and it is very easy to get to Henderson waves. This blog talks about everything you need to know, from how to get to Henderson waves Singapore, to the best trails from here.

The wonderful Henderson Wave View.

It is the highest walking bridge in Singapore, 36 m above the ground level.It is made of Balau wood, a kind of hardwood. The waves are beautiful to see and provide shaded secluded areas for people to rest and admire the views. The bridge lights up every night from 7:00 PM to 2: 00 AM with LED lights and it looks beautiful spots. A good spot for jogging as well.

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The wave with the view.

Friends and Family Visit:

I get a lot of friends and family coming to Singapore from all over the world to stay with me and everyone want to go for some local stuff, non tourist places. One of my friends inspired the Bollywood movie Badri ki Dulhania wanted to know hot to get to Henderson waves, as she wanted to take the same pictures as in the film and visit the place. Post that visit, I have taken many people there and everyone has quite enjoyed the place.

The happy state on the wave.

The shadows within the waves.

The bridge and me!

Friends visiting Henderson wave.

The beautiful couple at Henderson waves!

The excitement of being at the movie scene.

Friendship at Henderson Wave!

Solace at Henderson Wave.

How to get to Henderson Waves, Singapore.

The closest point for minimum distance to Henderson waves is the “Bef Telok Blangah Hts”. bus stop and there could be many buses reaching there from different locations. The closest MRT location is Redhill station (EW18, East-West Line). From the station it should take 10 minutes to reach the bus stop. There are 7-8 series of stairs which you need to take to reach the Henderson wave from here.

The stairs leading to the Henderson wave

You could also take a cab to the car park from where there is a 20 minutes uphill trail to the bridge which is very pretty and maybe if you are lucky you would be able to spot some monkeys on the way.

From Mount Faber
Henderson Waves can be reached with a 15-20 min walk from the Cable Car station at jewel box on mount faber. You can get to  the Jewel Box from Harbour Front MRT station (CC29, Circle Line) using the trail / stairs going up the hill.It would take around 20 minutes for the same.

Henderson wave Singapore is a nice architecture design and a nice place for a walk in the evening. Also it is a  good place to have some me time. The place is amazing for photo shoots and the best Insta pics. At night the place has color changing led lights and looks  beautiful.The light display is on everyday from 7 AM to 12 PM .

The different trails around Henderson Waves

Faber Walk- Distance:1Km   Time: 15 mins 

Faber walk starts from Mount Faber through one of the oldest parks of Singapore the Faber park and ends at Henderson waves. The park is covered with dense rainforests and is a home to a large variety of plants and fauna. The peak of the park offers amazing panoramic views of southern Singapore. At night-time the park is beautiful spot to see the stars in the sky and ships at the sea.

The beautiful sunset view.

Hilltop Walk- Distance:1Km   Time: 15 mins 

Hilltop walks runs through the Telok Blangah Hill park, once a gathering place for trading communities in the 19th century. The trail connects at one end with the Henderson waves and with the forest walk leading to Alexandra Arch.

Floral Walk- Distance:0.3Km Time: 5 mins  and HortPark-Distance:1.1Km   Time: 15 mins

Located at the base of the bridge at Alexandra arch, Floral walk offers a wonderful stroll along a path lined with flowering plants. It forms the pathway to the Hortpark-the gardening hub. This is SouthEast-Asia’s first one-stop centre for gardening-related recreational, educational, research and retail activities in a park setting. Some park highlights include themed parks and ideas for home gardening.

Marang Trail- Distance:0.3Km Time: 5 mins 

The trail extends from Marang road, just behind the Harbour front MRT station to the cable car station on Mount Faber. Mount faber is the second highest hill in Singapore at 10 mt. An easy walk up the stair along shaded footpaths through secondary forest Marang trail covers an elevation of 70 mt.

The panoramic view from the Henderson wave.

Forest Walk-  Distance:1.3Km Time: 20 mins 

The forest walk is a step free elevated walkway with earth trails. It meanders some 50 meters through the secondary forest of Telok Blangah hill and connects to Alexandra Arch. The raised walkway brushes the canopy of trees and offers the bird eye view of the forest. The modules of the walkway derive their design from triangular-shaped leaves of the fast growing tree called Mile-a-Minute.

The different kinds of Flora.

Canopy Walk-Distance:0.3Km Time: 5 mins 

Canopy walk links the 47 hectare Kent Ridge park to Bukit Chandu. It was once known as the opium hill and is site of one of the last battles of Singapore in world war 2. Elevated 16 meters at the centre the canopy walk takes you through the dense secondary forest with grooves of Tembusu. Move quietly and you might see the rich wildlife that lives here like the squirrels and the white crested laughing thrushes.

Everyone is welcome here !

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