Ideas on what to pack for your upcoming cruise holidays!

You have your cruise vacations coming soon, or you are about to book one. Cruise is a good vacation holidays, so good choice. Once you have sorted out which cruise you want and for how many days, you just have two more things to think about.

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  1. Which room/cabin should you select for your cruise vacation? Here are around eleven questions which would make sure you select the best stateroom for yourself and your family. Cruise Room Selection. Eleven questions to help you decide.
  2. The second question post the booking is generally the question on what to pack for your cruise vacation, as it is generally slight different from what you would generally pack. Here is a guide to help you pack.

Cool Hats and sunglasses:

Cruise holidays are best time to invest in a nice beautiful hat and a pair of good sunglasses. If you are travelling to colder regions you can choose woollen hats. Hats keep your hair protected from the sea breeze as well. Most of my time in a cruise is spent chilling and relaxing in one of the open decks, reading a book. Hence these items are my best friends. You can choose from a great selection here.

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Since we are talking about sun, I thought we should remember to take a lot of sunscreen. We are mostly wearing comfortable shorts and short dresses in a cruise. So to protect our skin we definitely need a good sunscreen of SPF more than 30.This one below from amazon is a great product. Click on the picture to buy it.

SPF 30+ Sunscreen at Amazon.

Comfortable shoes and slippers:

The cruise decks are all made of wood and high heels are not comfortable on these kinds of floor. Moreover there is a lot of walking around on a cruise and hence a good pair of shoes and slippers (for those spa sessions/swimming and hot tubs) is recommended.
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Swim suits:A pair and a sarong:

We all generally carry one pair of swimsuits as we have laundry service and dryers available in hotels. In cruise room there is generally no space for drying you clothes, unless you have spent a lot of money on an expensive stateroom, or you are going to avail the expensive laundry service. The best option would then be to carry two swim suits and use them. If you are planning to be like a mermaid during the cruise then three swim suits is also not a bad idea.

Amazing Swim Suit’s @ Amazon                 Beautiful Sarong @ Amazon

Formal Attire:

Most of the cruise has a formal dinner night and you would be required to dress u for these nights to enjoy a dining experience. In longer cruises there might be 2-3 nights of tie-event dinners. So for these formal dinners, do not forget to pack your beautiful dresses and formal shoes. You would enjoy dressing up and fine dine in their amazing dining halls.

Black dress for Cruise Dinner @ Amazon

Small carry-on luggage:

Sometimes the checked-in luggage takes time to be delivered to your room; you want to start having fun immediately so it is essential to have a light carry on with you for whatever activity you think you might be interested in the first hour.I was just having the important document in my carry on, as I had plans of eating in the first hour 🙂
Carry On Luggage @ Amazon

Chargers- Portables and Power banks:

You would have your phones, cameras, kindles, video recorders and you would need to keep the charge for these full and running. So make sure to carry portable chargers and power banks for your trip.

Power Bank for staying charged @ Amazon

Long pants and shoes:

If you are interested in rock climbing or ice-skating, you would need long pants and a good pair of shoes.These items for example are a must on Royal Caribbean. They do not allow you to ice-skate without long pants and no rock-climbing without shoes.

Long Pants @ Amazon

Wrinkle free sprays:

There are a lot of these available in the market. There won’t be any irons available in the room(safety first).So to make your clothes look prim and proper you can buy these sprays. You can also carry clothes which do not wrinkle easily.

Waterproof bags

Waterproof bags for your phones is a great idea. You would be around water a lot of time and don’t want your expensive phones going for a toss.

Waterproof Dry Bags @ Amazon

Your medicines:

This goes without saying that you need to carry the medicines you normally use in you carry on bags. In cruise you tend to over eat and hence it is advisable to carry some stomach medicines which are prescribed for you.Please include sea-sickness medicine if you feel you get sea-sick.

Pouch for your medicines

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