Discover the wonders of Seville on a two day fun trip with me-Day two.

Us at Royal Alcazar Seville.

We were already in Seville for one day, the next day we went for a day trip to Cordoba, which was beautiful and I would be writing about it next. However we had another day in Seville and we had a few plans. I am a Game of thrones sitcom fan and I had read that the Royal Alcazar was one of the filming locations of the same. Also we had to revisit Plaza de Espana which we had seen during our carriage ride in day one. Discover the wonders of Seville on a two day fun trip with me-Day one.

I hope you have read my trip through Girona and the filming location of Game of thrones. If not here is the link: Girona, Spain-Game of Thrones Visit.

Royal Alcazar, Seville:

The royal alcazar is one of the oldest palaces still standing and still being used .There are some level on the upper side which is occupied by the royal family as their official residence. The Alcazar is an example of the Mudejar architectures.

 Mudèjar refers to an architecture and decoration  style in (post-Moorish) Christian Iberia that was strongly influenced by Moorish taste and workmanship. 


The lion gate at the Entry to the Alcazar.


The Alcazar is located centrally and very easy to find. There are generally long queues for entry to the castle. There are online tickets and booking which can be made. The price varies from 10 Euro to 25 Euro depending on the category selected. We had booked an English guide as it would be easier to find the Game of thrones places and understand the architecture and beauty of the palace.

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The place is breathtakingly beautiful and you get a royal feeling when you travel around the long halls, courtyards and gardens. Especially the gardens, they’re beautiful and have peacocks flocking around. There is a small cafe as well to enjoy some food and drinks. We had ordered a black forest cake and orange juice and really enjoyed our meal. If you have great imagination like I do, you would imagine yourself in beautiful gowns flowing through the palace very clearly.

The entrance to the place is having huge stone towers which are threatening, which should be the case given that it is the residence of the royal family. The gate is called the Lion Gate.

Various lavish reception rooms are located on the sides of the Patio. In the centre is a large, rectangular reflecting pool with sunken gardens on either side. For many years, the courtyard was entirely paved in marble with a fountain in the centre. However, historical evidence showed the gardens and the reflecting pool were the original design and this arrangement was restored. The hall of the ambassadors is capped off with a gold laden dome which is very beautiful and royal. The place is breathtakingly beautiful and a must visit when you are in Seville.


The arched columns of architecture elegance.


The Royal Alcazar

The fountains athe gardens of Royal Alcazar.

The fountains athe gardens of Royal Alcazar.


Us celebrating the visit.

Grand palace gardens and walkways.

Grand palace gardens and walkways.


The Game Of thrones filming locations.


The top view of the gardens.

The fountains- Game of thrones filming location.

The fountains- Game of thrones filming location.



The Drone and the water garden beauty from Game of thrones come alive in the Alcazar. It is brighter and you enjoy the set-up imagining how the same place was transformed to the Drone place in the series.

Overall the architecture, the beautiful gardens and the intricate details make it us a perfect place for a visit. Vish and I quite enjoyed the place and even after the guide left us we spent another hour or so exploring ad taking pictures. It was a perfect day.

The ARAB baths -Aire De Sevilla

This place is magical and mostly booked in advance. We did not get an opportunity to go here and spend much time as the bath and spa sessions were already booked for the day we were there.

However this is the place you would like to book a treat for yourself. The 16th century mansion has places for bath, Jacuzzi, spa treatment etc. There are a lot of different kinds of Spa treatment on offer and they provide a great way to de stress yourself. You can immerse yourself in the warm waters and water massage in the Jacuzzi.

The guides are very helpful and guide you at every step, providing instructions, directions to lockers, towels and slippers. You should definitely immerse yourself in this pleasure. The link to their site below to book beforehand.

Aires de Sevilla Baños Arabes, Calle Aire 15, Sevilla, Tel 955 01 00 25

Plaza De Espana

Yes we visited this place twice and you would find it in my previous post on Seville-Day one. On Day one we visited this place on the carriage ride and did not get much time to explore the interiors and take proper pictures. So the last evening in Seville we wanted to spend time in this beautiful architecture marvel with Art Deco and Renaissance Revival influences.

This square was built to impress and today is still doing its job with the same grandeur, evenness, and resounding triumph.

It is surrounded by overwhelming buildings and charmingly adorned with scenic bridges and colourful tile alcoves representing Spain’s provinces, Plaza de España seems to capture not only the beauty of Seville and Andalusia, but the essence of the entire Spain. The vibe of the place is amazing; the small boats riding along the canal add the beauty. The bridges, the colour of the building all just add to the beauty and grandeur of Plaza De Espana. Especially when you walk inside you would be amazed by the architecture of the walls.


The beautiful bridge at the Plaza de Espana.


The official buliding of Plaza De esapna.


What a view of multiple bridges of Plaza de Espana.


U at the plaza de esapna.



Vish at the beautiful interiors of Plaza de Espana.



Beautiful Carriage Driveway

Beautiful Carriage Driveway

We were so excited to see this place that we video called our parents from here to show them the beautiful place and they enjoyed it with us as well. We had planned to take a boat ride but there was a queue and we did not have much time.

One interesting thing at the gate was the Flamenco dress statues where you could get your picture clicked for One Euro. We did it and it was super fun. See the pic below;

One more wonderful experience we had at Plaza De Espana was a live performance of Flamenco dance. It was a small group doing for some money but the standard of the show was so high yet casual. People around were started dancing as well.

There was this little girl in blue who started dancing around with the dancer and it was heart touching. We had to go to take our flight back to Barcelona but were taking away a lot of memories of Seville and the feel of the city with ourselves, hoping someday we could come back here again. You can read about the guide to Flamenco dances My Guide To The Best Flamenco Performances Around Spain

The hotel we stayed at was Cool Sevilla Hotel which was a wonderful place to stay at. You can book the place here

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