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Discover the wonders of Seville on a two day fun trip with me-Day one.

Seville Plaza de Espana.

Seville Plaza de Espana.

Seville is the capital of Andalucía and the cultural and financial centre of southern Spain. We visited Spain in 3rd week of November and the weather was perfect, very pleasant temperatures to enjoy walking around with a light jacket and pretty dresses.

We had already been to Barcelona earlier in the week and Seville was a fresh dose of flavours and culture compared to it. We were happy to be a doing two day trip in Seville,  it was a wonderful experience.

Seville Day one.

We had reached Seville around afternoon. We had taken early morning Ryanair froM barcelona.  We decided explore around as there was still some time for our room to get ready. The first thing we wanted to do was buy the tickets for the Flamenco show. We had decided to go to Casa Del Flamenco which has a beautiful set up and one of the nicest Flamenco shows. You can read about the best places to see Flamenco here: My Guide To The Best Flamenco Performances Around Spain. Once we had bought the tickets for the 9 PM show, we were very happy and walked around the city.

The roads and the lanes all were very beautiful and we were enjoying our stroll. I even love the cobblestones on the roads. It feels very different and European. On the way there was this beautiful cathedral which we entered. All the cathedrals I have seen in Spain have been an amazing experience.

The beautiful lanes of Seville.

A window on the house in the lanes of Seville.

Quaint little shop selling Flamenco dresses.

Seville road side cafe.

Metropol Parasol in old square of Seville:

This is the largest structure of wood and is 85 ft tall. It is located in the old square of Spain and was the first thing we saw in Seville. It looks like a giant mushroom and has four levels. The place was impressive and we walked past it many times in our two day stay in Seville.We did not take the elevator to see the different levels as it was a little crowded and we had less time. The structure is a no-miss if you are living in the old square.

Metrolpol Parasol wooden structure.

The beautiful wooden structure – Metrolpol Parasol.

Seville Cathedral:

The Seville cathedral is beautiful to visit, the structure and the interiors are very pretty.The entry si Euro 4 and the timing varies based onthe days. It takes approximately one – two hours of visit time, depending on how much you wouldlike to explore the arichitercture and the beauty. The official website to book tickets etc is Official Site to book Cathedral Tickets. Here are some beautiful pictures; There were some cathedrals on the way to Plaza de toros which we visited as well.

The Carriage Ride in Seville:


We were headed to Plaza de Toros for the Bullfighting arena tour; It is free on Mondays and for the English guide we had to wait for one and half hour. There were these beautiful carriages outside, huge black ones with a magnificent horse and one cute Spanish cart-man! This felt like a fairy tale ride and was a very  romantic experience. We decided to do the ride which was for 45-60 minutes and would show around the beautiful places around Seville. The cost price was appx. 60 Euros and it was completely worth it. The only thing was that our guide did not know much English and so it was difficult to communicate with him, however we had a map and identified the places ourselves

Me Super happy in the Carriage.


We enjoyed the relaxing horse and buggy ride through the main points of the city. We visited places like the Golden Tower, Cathedral, Giralda Tower, Archive of the Indies.  We also passed through the Alcázar Royal Palace and then through some gardens we stopped at one of the most amazing place in Seville. Plaza de Espana – this place is beautiful and has a wondrous feel to it. It is a Spanish architectural marvel with Art Deco, and Renaissance Revival influences. This square was built to impress and today is still doing its job with the same grandeur, evenness, and resounding triumph. It is surrounded by overwhelming buildings and charmingly adorned with scenic bridges and colourful tile alcoves representing Spain’s provinces, Plaza de España seems to capture not only the beauty of Seville and Andalusia, but the essence of the entire Spain. The vibe of the place is amazing, the small boats riding along the canal add the beauty. We took some wonderful pictures here.I would definitely recommend this carriage ride.

Seville Plaze de Espana- Very beautiful

The bird is also enjoying the view of the plaze.

The beautiful lights and the bridge of Plaza de Espana.

The carriage and us in Plaza De Espana, Seville.

Plaza de Toros:

Once back we did the tour of this bullfighting arena, the plaza de Toros. White washed building with yellow stripes; this one is the oldest bullring in Spain. I wanted to experience bull fight as well but there was nothing in the days we were there. However the tour of 40 minutes in an around the place with the history of bullfighting, amazing pictures and museums was worth a visit. The guide was very good answering questions and providing a lot of information. There were bulls skulls preserved which looked huge and scary. After the museum we visited a small chapel where the gladiators used to pray before heading to the arena.

The arena itself is huge and it was a very informative experience. I was very thrilled and excited to see the arena,the stadium and the seating, ,the doors or small places where the gladiators could hide.I could imagine the fear, bravery and the fight which this arena would witness suring the fighting season. This is a fight till death and can be very brutal to see. However our experience was excellent and we really enjoyed being in the arena.

The huge Bullfghting arena

What a pose! @ the areana

Me as the bull in Plaza de Toros.

The beautiful sun-lt arena.

The sitting of the top of class in the bullfigting arena.

The arean with its red doors.

Food and  drinks:

We were very hungry and so wanted to enjoy a Spanish meal. On our way back from the plaza de toros to the old square, there were these beautiful roadside cafes with live music being played. They looked perfect and very tempting. We ordered two Paellas one vegetarian and one chicken and one jar of Sangria. I have had Sangria before but was amazed how the tastes are so authentic in Spain. The oranges taste so much better in this side of the world. Also the Paella, very simply baked rice with beans and  flavors of saffron and rosemary. Oh they were so yumm and vegetarian!! Loved the taste and enjoyed the meal to the fullest before heading for our Flamenco show which was going to be another wonder


In Day 2 we would roam around Royal alcazar, the bath and the grand square Plaza Espana. Royal Alcazar visit on Day 2 is ready to be read Discover the wonders of Seville on a two day fun trip with me-Day two.

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