My Guide To The Best Flamenco Performances Around Spain

US as dancers, nothing like what we saw.
 An emotional form of dance, to romance, entertain and comfort. Generally has a guitarist to provide music, singers and clapping. Traditionally Flamenco was without the use of any musical instrument, a song and clapping was enough and it was called “toque de palmas.” Flamenco is very native to Spain and the places there.

Flamenco  is recognised by UNESCO  as a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Tablao de Carmen

This place was suggested to us at the information desk of the hotel we were staying in. The location of this place in the Poble Espanyol, Barcelona is a perfect setting. Poble Espanyol is a large-scale model village or ‘architectural museum’ built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. The place is magical and you should reach here a little early to enjoy the beauty. You will find a lot of paces to click pictures and experience Spain.

Poble Espanyol.

Poble Espanyol.

The Tablao de Carmen offers a huge spread of taps which comes in a package with the performance ticket ( Only performance ticket is also available but I would suggest you take the dinner. We had ordered Sangria, and believe me had the best spanish tapas possible. The waiters were very cordial and the food delicious. The setting is akin to that of an authentic village. The flamenco performers take to the stage just in front of the diners. Named after one of the most revered flamenco dancers in history, Carmen Amaya, the venue is set on two levels, both giving clear visibility of the stage as well as boasting a charming outside patio that also offers spectacular live music, live dancing and the perfect atmosphere for drinks and dinner.

Look and Feel at Poble Espanyol

Look and Feel at Poble Espanyol

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The Palau de la Música

This is actually a Museum for Music and is a beautiful location worth a visit. The concert, hall is a wonderful place to see and imagine performance which could take place here. They have regularly some tours in different languages and it takes around one hour for the tour. The price for the visit and the tour is 20 Euros. We had a children’s boys choir practise session and hence the duration as well as the price was more.


The Museum of Music


The concert hall.

This place hosts some wonderful Flamenco performances from time to time, the performers being well-regarded artists. The palos or different types of rhythm used in these performances ar mind-blowing and given the setting of the beautiful concert hall, sound containment and noise cancellation the place becomes a perfect experience to enjoy a Flamenco.

The Boys choir. We were lucky to have heard them.

The Boys choir. We were lucky to have heard them.

Casa Del Flamenco

The place is set at a charming Santa Cruz neighborhood, with an Andalusian patio set up. There is no food or drinks on the offer. We had our dinner and just went with a bottle of water. We had bought the tickets the same day in the morning for 18 Euros each for a 9 PM show.  The place is very famous, and booked by tour guides and groups os make sure you buy your tickets early.

We were seated on the second row and had amazing seats. However the place is very cosy and intimate and most of the seats are very good. However if you are coming on your own and want to take good seats then please come 15-20 minutes earlier.


The singers and musicians


The dancers

The performers are an acoustic guitarist (who played the entire hour), a very powerful singer, & two dancers. Casa del Flamenco is also famous for not using microphones or amps– just natural acoustics and powerful musicians at their best.  The venue and the performance style make the ambiance seem homely and relaxed, yet formal at the same time. The dancers are so close up to where you sit, you almost touch the intensity of it all.The ending is breathtaking.

Plaza de España, Seville.

Plaza Espana is Spain Square which is an iconic place to visit. My words cannot do justice to the place. We had visited this place twice in our two days and I would write about this in my Seville tour blog, however there was a Flamenco show we witnessed here wich was very different.


The performers on Plaza Espana


The performers on Plaza Espana, Seville

This was like a road show, free but you could donate money if you liked their performance. This was something which  we really enjoyed. The performance had a need and vigour to it. It was not perfectly professional but it was naturally beautiful. Crowds stopping to see the performance  and standing in amazement. We couldn’t resist from stopping there and soak in the music and dance. One of the much closer to heart performance.

I am sure there are many more wonderful places there for Flamenco shows  and if you come across any do let me know. These were our favourites.

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