Five things to enjoy in Langkawi!

A rose  and balloon decorated ocean view room in Vivanta by Taj in Langkawi. How does this sound as a birth-day plan? I was lucky enough to be celebrating my birthday like this on my first birthday after marriage in April’17.


My Birthday in Langkawi!

Believe me, it was a dream come true. Three nights of  spending time by the beach , sightseeing and being pampered. It is a three-hour flight from Singapore with one hour  stop  in Kuala Lumpur.

1.The landing and the airport.

Just before you land you can see the beautiful water and the innumerable islets. It is an amazing view and one of its kind.

View from the plane!

The ramp where our plane landed at Langkawi was a surprise, as it overlooks the sea.It was very exciting to get down and take pictures there itself. We were even asked to move because there were planes which wanted to park. Definitely very different from all the other strict airports.


2. The hotel itself.

Our hotel in Langkawi was a treat in itself. A superior Deluxe room in Taj Vivanta resort. They are built on a complete separate island -Rebak islands which is around 10-12 min boat ride away. In the boat itself I got my first surprise, a bunch of beautiful long stem red roses and a happy birthday song! I was giggling like a small kid, feeling so special , romantic and a tad bit embarrassed.

Special Occasion.

On your special occasion and a request ( I am sure it costs some dollars) the resort decorates your room  with flowers and balloons. They also had yummy caramel coffee cake waiting for me. I was super elated to have experienced this. The room was beautiful, especially the dressing area. There was a balcony overlooking the sea and the mountains. I  felt like a princess in a fairy tale.

Food and Swimming Pool.

The plan was to get drunk and chill in the swimming pool and the beach area. Taj offer amazing gourmet selection of  Indian food which titillates and satisfies your taste buds. The swimming pool has a bar in the centre, so basically you swim to the bar and there are wooden stools you can sit on, with half of you still in water and order and sip your cocktail away. We did this for next two hours ( I think) and saw one of the best sunsets over the beach. Too exhausted and drunk we slept in our room.

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Sunsets at the resort.

Langkawi offers some amzing sunsets and they are a beauty to sea. relxing on the beach or the pool or in your room itself with mountains on the background , you can see some amazing sunsets.

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Surprise Dinner at the resort.

The next surprise for my birthday was a golf cart waiting for us to take us to dinner. I thought we were just eating in the restaurant but no, that is not what Vish had planned. There was a sea-side dinner table setup, with candles and lights and it brought tears to my eyes. Unimaginable amount of yummy five course vegetarian meal , with the waves hitting against the shore providing the music. I even got a personal guitarist and singer singing Happy Birthday to me. I was the luckiest person on this earth. With overwhelming emotions and love for my husband my birthday came to an end but not the trip.

3. The Sky Bridge

To avoid crowds and queues and the scorching sun we went to the sky bridge early morning.This pedestrian bridge is 125 mt long  with breathtaking views of small islets and waterfall. It can accommodate 250 people at a time and provides stunning views to enjoy. To reach the bridge you would need to take a cable car. We took a sharing cable car, but you have options for private cable car, glass bottomed and also some packages which included 3D museums etc.We were excited about the bridge as it was filmed in one of the Bollywood movie ‘DON’ and was an epic scene.

It was very hot and so a little less fun for us to visit but the island looked beautiful. we had initially planned to do a helicopter ride to get a bird’s-eye view of the small islets of Langkawi but then the sky bridge provided that view and was an exhilarating experience.

4. ATVs

When we came down, we saw that there were All Terrain vehicles one could ride for MYR 50 for an hour. Vish really wanted to and I wanted to give it a try , though I was a little scared. We got geared up and started the ride, it was a very heavy vehicle and the forest trail was muddy and uneven. It was very difficult to control the vehicle at high speeds but fun as well. Vish was very good at it, but I slowed him and the guide as I was scared to drive too fast. It was an adrenaline rush and I really enjoyed  myself.The trail is a very good and had different difficulty level for beginners and experienced ones. The guide was very helpful and the adventure quite thrilling.


ATV Adventure.

5. The mangrove boat ride

The Mangrove rides are the best thing which one can do in Langkawi.There are a lot of location from where you can hire boats. We hired one from  131 Taman Langkawi. The personal boat ride was for 3 hours and costed us 300 MYR. (We did a little bargaining). The guide was very friendly and took us first through the different Mangrove canals to the attraction where we could see the sea eagles.When the boats swirl the water these eagles appear looking for fish and silently touch the water with their talons. They are grand beautiful creatures. There were plenty of them in the sky and it was beautiful to see these magnificent birds gliding across the sky. I later read that they are called  Brahminy Kites. There is an eagle square in Langkawi which you can visit, we did not have time this time.

The weather was amazing, the mangrove canals beautiful to ride and we were super happy experiencing this beauty which Langkawi has to offer. Next we stopped at a bat cave. You get down at the jetty, and you can hire torches from there to see the caves better in the caves. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience for me as I am not fond of caves and it was super dark and there were many bats nagging from the ceilings.

Outside this after a small ride there is a point where plenty of long-tailed Macaque monkeys roams and plays around. They climb on top of your boats if you offer them food or bananas. Thereafter the journey continued until we eventually reached the open sea opposite a large island called Pulau Langgun. The boat then continued at high-speed along the NE coast of Langkawi.This was a very calming, relaxing and fun experience and I definitely recommend it.

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