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Friends at F.R.IE.N.D.S cafe Singapore

“How’ you doing?”- A ‘FRIENDS’ sitcom  fan will only think about Joey when they hear this sentence!

The high pitched squeaky “OHHH — MYY–GOD”  reminds us of Janice.

Friends Cafe singapore 2

Us as Janice and Joey

Any many more such phrases and anecdotes, like the famous ‘HI’  or “We were on a break!” of Ross is so much a part of our lives. The characters, the plots, the laughter and the friendship, I think it has been more than two decades from 1994 when this series released and more than a decade after it has finished, but the charm and the beauty of the series still lives in all our hearts. The Title song or the “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat; It’s not your fault”- we all love all the characters.
There has been so many times when the day has not been that great and I have been stuck in second gear, when I have just opened one of the episodes  of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and  have felt so much better and happier. We should thank the brilliance of the writer and the characters who still live in our hearts.


One such evening in the cafeteria of my previous company , me and my friends(six of us) were sitting and chatting and wanted to open a “FRIENDS” themed cafe. We discussed about it so many times, it was so exciting to think of opening one cafe designed like the kitchen of Monica and Central Perk cafe, with a projector playing the episodes. Six of us would also have a picture on a wall and we would put up pictures of all the groups of people who visit the place. Small trivia quizzes etc, we had it all planned. But we were not serious, nobody wanted to leave their jobs and start something so big, no money etc made it more difficult and slowly the idea died.

However , In India alone now there are 5 Friends themed cafe in different cities like Kolkata, Pune, Gurgaon etc.

There is one official cafe in Singapore, officially designed by Warner Bros that I was lucky to visit the same recently.

The Foose Ball table and the Bunny pic from Joey and Chandlers.

The Foose Ball table and the Bunny pic from Joey and Chandlers.

OHH-MYY-GODD! It was amazing, it was nostalgic and it was super exciting.

The cafe is on 1 Magazine road in Singapore and it is definitely  worth a visit. They have the foosball table where you can play and beat your friends like Monica does  the bunny picture of Chandler form  Chandlers and Joey’s drawing room and the couch – THAT COUCH of Central Perk.( You need reservations for this, though you can take pictures without reservation if it is not occupied).

Singapore Friends Cafe 4

Friends at the epic sofa of F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom

The 200$ marble dog which Joey bought from his time as Dr Drake Ramoray makes you laugh at the silliness of Joey and his acting.

The White 200 dollar Dog

The White 200 dollar Dog and me

Even the menu is designed with dishes names after the character, all the vegetarian food is team Phoebe.

Central Perk Menu

Dont go for the food, just go for the feel and the awesomeness of the series that it was. Go with your friends  and have fun and have a good time.

Please do comment with such “FRIENDS” moments if you had any. Are you aware of any such themed cafes? Can you share them with pics maybe here in the comments.


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  1. Neha Pasari

    One of my favourite series are the Friends… reading you makes me want to go to this cafe n visit …

  2. Doyel Ghosh

    I do agree with you . Episode of “Friends “ is my stress buster too . Very well written . Would love to visit . Thanks for sharing . Will wait for more !!!😀😀😀

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